Concord Transformer X-Bag - 2015 collection

Concord Transformer X-Bag - 2015 collection


Concord Transformer XBag

Concord Transformer X-Bag product page

The child car seat Concord Transformer X-BAG provides best comfort and security at the highest stage with its unique adjustable backrest up to 20 levels.

Did your child achieve a bodyweight of 15 kg or celebrated its third birthday already? Then the Concord Transformer X-BAGis just the right child car seat for your little sweetheart. The Transformer X-BAG is the first car seat with an adjustable backrest up to 20 levels in group II/III. The height of the headrest and width of the shoulder pads can adjust millimeter accuracy simultaneously. So a long useful life from the third up to twelve years is assured. The permissible bodyweight is approx. 15 kg up to max. 36 kg.


The double-layer fully closed exterior shell of the Concord Transformer X-BAG ensures your little angel optimum side impact protection. The child car seat can fix in the car secure with the Isofix-system. Also is it possible to use the ConcordTransformer X-BAG without Isofix-connection. In this case you attach the child car seat through vehicle´s own three-point-safety-belt.


The Concord Transformer X-BAG has got an additional protection of shoulder-belt-guide. Underneath the headrest the belt will guide over the chest of the child as usual. In the shoulder section the belt will guide through its destined safety rail. This safety rail protects the belt in the optimum position. Through a simple touch of a button the safety zone releases and your little honey can effortless leave the child car seat. The integrated security system prevents a wrong operation with the belt herewith complete.


The seat shell of the Concord Transformer X-BAG is ergonomically shaped with a comfort foam seat cushion and soft padded armrests. The smooth wadded seat cover gives pleasant and cozy sitting comfort. It is detachable and washable.


Result: Optimum security with easy handling!

Product details:

Group/ Weight class:

  • Group 2/3
  • for children from 15-36 kg (3,5-12 years)
  • STEPSIZE SYSTEM: headrest height and shoulder protector height and width can be precisely adjusted with 20 different positions settings
  • TWINFIX SYSTEM: strap system, simple attachment to the Isofix points in the vehicle for improved side impact protection
  • TRIPLE PLAYER IMPACT PROTECTION:the additional layer of insulation ensures even better side impact protection
  • Strap guide opens at the touch of a button, locks automatically
  • Soft, padded covers, easy to remove and wash
  • Ergonomically shaped seat shell
  • Comfort foam seat cushion
  • Softly padded armrests