Chicco Sprint - 2015 collection

Chicco Sprint - 2015 collection


Chicco Sprint

With the Chicco sport stroller Sprint you are always swift and trendy on the road.

The sport stroller is handy and light so that is especially suitable for walks through the city. The stroller is equipped with a large and comfortable reclining and sitting surface. It is very compact and light transportable nevertheless.

The sport stroller provides much space and freedom of movement for your darling. The swiveling front wheels are made in an exclusive design. The large convertible canopy protects your honey from sun, wind and weather. The basket underneath the stroller frame is especially suitable for small shopping or the most essential utensils. Due to the practical unlock-handle the stroller can be very quickly unfolded again with only one hand motion and the ride can go on.

Already from the birth up to a body weight of 15 kg is the Sprint permitted. A four-fold adjustable backrest gives additional comfort and ensures a relaxing sitting. Therewith nothing can stand in the way for a little nap in between. The push-handles Double Twist are rotatable up to 360 °. This feature can make the steering much easier and pleasant. The footrest is align able depending on your desire. In combination with the Synthesis XT-Plus baby car seat (not included in the delivery) this chic sport stroller could even be used as travel-system. This is very useful during car rides. You can stow very space-saving the stroller in the luggage compartment of your car and instead use the baby car seat for the transport of your babe in the car.

The Chicco sport stroller Sprint will convince you with its new and modern design. The delivery also contains a rain cover and a practical changing bag with changing mat. Therewith might you always well be equipped on the road.

Product details

  • light and handy sports stroller
  • folded extreme compact
  • easy to transport
  • large comfortable sitting and reclining surface
  • much space and freedom of movement
  • practical unlock-handle
  • swiveling front wheels in exclusive design
  • convertible cabrio canopy
  • shopping basket
  • adjustable footrest
  • fourfold adjustable backrest
  • modern and new design
  • up to 360° rotatable push-handles (Double Twist)
  • already from the birth up to a body weight of 15 kg suitable
  • net weight: 9 kg
  • included rain cover and changing bag