Britax KIDFIX XP - 2017 Collection

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Britax KIDFIX XP product page

With the RÖMER Kidfix XP seat you used a new maximum security. The child seat of the Group 2/3 convinced with the XP-PAD, its ISOFIT system and the intuitive belt Guide.


  • Group 2 / 3
  • For children weighing 15 to 36 kg
  • From about 4 to 12 years old

Conforms to:

  • ECE R44/04

The neck of your child is exposed to many forces. Roman uses an additional XP-PAD to relieve him and to offer, yet perfect protection. This absorbs 30% of executives. In the event of a front-end collision, impact forces in the chest area and the strains in the neck area be reduced because the Chin moves toward the chest.

The deep, high and soft padded sidewalls guaranteed optimal side impact protection your little passenger.

The ISO FIT system ensures an easy installation and connection with the ISOFIX anchorage points and a secure installation of the seat in your car. Built-in indicators show the correct fitting of the seat. Her favorite is protected by the installation of the 3-point belt from falling out. The intuitive strap is used to achieve the correct position of the seat. If you drive the seat without child, he is connected with the ISOFIT system and must not be fixed with the 3-point belt.

The ISOFIX grid arms can be easily stowed, if the seat only with the 3-point harness should be used.

The RÖMER Kidfix XP seat features a v-shaped backrest and an adjustable seat position. The v-shaped backrest adapts to the development of your treasure and guarantees optimum protection at any growth stage. Thanks to the multi adjustable seat position, nothing more in the way is a NAP in between - you can allow your sweetheart a comfortable sleeping position without this call it. The soft, padded cover makes for even more comfort. Depending on the size of the child's height, you can vary the headrest and the belt Guide because it grows with your child. The diagonal belt runs perfectly over the shoulders.

Product details:

  • For the groups of 2/3/15-36 kg (= 4-12 years)
  • With ISOFIX and 3 point belt system
  • Can be used without ISOFIX, ISOFIX grid arms stowed
  • Easy and safe installation of ISOFIT system
  • XP-PAD absorbs forces and protects the neck
  • Padded sidewalls
  • Multi adjustable seat position
  • V-shaped backrest for perfect fit
  • Height-adjustable headrest and belt Guide
  • Adapts to the development of the child, grows
  • Intuitive belt guides for correct positioning of the 3-point belt
  • Recessed indicators
  • Soft padded, removable and washable cover
  • Comfortable seats
  • Seat is fixed with ISOFIT system even if it is not used