Questions you may have

What does The Stroller Shop offer?

Original and new products only: All car seat, strollers and other kids’ stuffs are original, new and sealed. The accessories described as included on the manufacturer’s website will naturally be part of the sealed manufacturer’s package.
Latest models: We strive to provide the latest models from the manufacturer. Sometimes you may feel that you find a bargain with a lower price tag than us: just make sure the 2 products are comparable. Latest model has higher resale value if you intend to resell your item (quite common for Infant carriers for example). 
Also, quite often, older models are not really much cheaper. So we prefer to stick to our policy to offer the latest range.
If you still insist to have a previous model or if you need a specific item, let us know we can get a quote for you.

How long do I have to wait?

Products in supplier’s stock will usually be delivered in 4-5 working days.
Products that have to be ordered will usually request you to be more patient: usually 10-15 working days. If you are in a hurry or sometimes just impatient to receive your item, simply choose the In Stock items.
For previous models, send your request and we can inform you of the delivery time.
Since our goal is to make a product affordable, we believe that Express delivery will defeat the purpose. So we will not provide this service.

How do we ship and how can I track my order?

We are working with the supplier to deliver the items DIRECTLY to you. But for this we need our payment system to be in place so that you can order and pay online.
In the future, once your order is processed, you will get the DHL/FedEx/UPS tracking reference by email.

My delivery is delayed!

We will keep you informed of any delay and provide a revised delivery date.
There could be 2 principal reasons: Item declared as not in stock by supplier (we try our best to keep our suppliers’ stock updated) or item was damaged during delivery. We will never deliver a damaged item, so we will take responsibility to send it back and get a replacement. This will add to the delivery time.
In case your shipment is lost, we will get a substitute delivery or refund the full amount.

Taxes, duties and import regulations

Do you really have to worry about that? All you need is to get a quality product at a better price. We will take care of this for you. The prices we quote are Net prices.
As parents, you have full peace of mind.

Purchase with uncommon online?

In line with offering great products at good prices, we felt you might be interested to get smaller (yet useful) items for your kids or for yourself. We have to propose them as Purchase with Purchase (of a Car Seat or Stroller), else the delivery cost of a single small item will be too high. In all transparency we are charged by tier of 20kg for will not want to pay that for a small item.

I changed my mind!

We are parents just like you and sometimes we change our mind. We offer you an option to return to us the item (unopened, in original manufacturer’s packaging with stickers, labels,.. still in place). However, we will have to deduct the Delivery charge and taxes from the refunded amount. We will be transparent and charge you the exact amount we paid for delivery and taxes.

I found cheaper...come on!!!

Our policy is to provide Quality products at the best price. Still, you manage to find the same item (same model/design, same collection year and same color) in a Singapore registered company, then SHOUT. We will MATCH the price and give you a 5% VOUCHER to be used on your next purchase, without minimum purchase and without expiry. We want to be transparent and be the eStore you will visit again.

This policy applies only to regular priced items and strictly excludes items on sale, price provided to members, discounts on credit cards or any other form of specific promotional and exceptional rebates.